In-process reentrance is NOT supported for JMS, MSMQ and MQ Series transports

Process re-entrance refers to calling of same method of the business service again before the first call has not been completed.

How to change default location of logs on Siebel Server !

Location of Siebel Server logs is set while installation of the server. And most of the time Administrator keeps it to the default location i.e.. sea77\siebsrvr\logs directory. But sometimes the installation location of siebel server is kept on very small and faster disk drives to improve performance, thus there is no or very less space is left on the drive for the extended log levels.

Date functions in Siebel eScript

If you have worked on any date field then you would be knowing that some of the standard date functions are not available in Siebel escript, like converting date from one format to another, adding number of business days to a particular date, comparing two dates etc.,

Here are some methods built in eScript that perform these operations.

Case Insensitive Query in Siebel by using LIKE operator !

I think most of the readers would know how to perform an case insensitive search/query in Siebel. Those who don't read on!

Case insensitive query in Siebel means to query the database records using the LIKE operator in SQL. This type of SQL tends to be slow as they return more records than the equal (=) operator.

Get Workflow Instance Id from the process property value!

Workflow Instance monitor is one of the best out of the box debugging techniques available in Siebel. But this also lacks in some aspects.

As most of developer would know that there is no way in instance monitor view to identify the workflow instance for specific object id or process property value.

Alternate use of List Of Values

Most common use of list of values comes in implementation of multilingual siebel applications. But its global presence all over the applications objects makes them extremely useful for writing switches in codes/workflows. I saw one great use in creating the stubs for the real time interfaces in Siebel EAI.

How to generate random number in Siebel eScript?

Recently I had a requirement to generate non-repetitive random numbers in siebel escript. I searched the siebel tools help and found Clib.rand() function to the rescue. And using it was also very simple.

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