Fetching value of Oracle Sequence from External DB

Fetching value of external Oracle Sequence in Siebel is one of the typical business requirement in integration of Siebel applications. In case of windows environment solution is quite straight forward, we just need to create ADODB object in script and execute sql on external database.

But in case of Unix environment this is not possible as ADODB is not supported in Unix.

For this requirement we can use External Business Component or "EBC" to fetch the next value of an external sequence.

1. Create external table in Siebel database using the External Table Schema Import Wizard.
2. Create additional column in table and set Alias property of the column with concatenation of external column name and the external oracle sequence like:

Siebel will use this Alias property of the columns to build SQL for external tables. So when building SQL in this case it will concatenate the column value with the nextvalue of the specified sequence.

After this, compile all the changes and query on BC based on this table and process the field value to fetch next value of the sequence of external database.

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