How to see the SADMIN / SIEBEL password un-encrypted!

Today i have seen a very strange data in Siebel database that actually shouldn't be there just as a un-encrypted free text. I think people from Siebel Admin would know that which table i am talking about.

Usually all user details in Siebel database are kept in S_USER table and passwords are never stored in Siebel Database. Whenever there is a need to store the password either the value is masked or is stored in database after encryption.

Even in siebns.dat file the password is not stored. All the name subsystems in server manager and on UI use masking to show password. But at one place, as I know the password is kept as clear string. This happens on the Server Manager Job Parameter table i.e. S_SRM_REQ_PARAM table.

I don’t know what was the reason the data on this table was kept unencrypted. If you want to get the password you just need to query the VALUE column of the parameter table and you will find the password in next row where SADMIN or SIEBEL user name is stored.


This happens because to run certain jobs like Generate Triggers database user and password are required as arguments but due to some limitation of the jobs this data is not encrypted. So if your server administrator use SADMIN as the password for generate trigger command you can see the SADMIN password by querying the database.

Gud luck :)

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