Case Insensitive Query in Siebel by using LIKE operator !

I think most of the readers would know how to perform an case insensitive search/query in Siebel. Those who don't read on!

Case insensitive query in Siebel means to query the database records using the LIKE operator in SQL. This type of SQL tends to be slow as they return more records than the equal (=) operator.

Case insensitive query can only be controlled by editing the Application level parameter DSCaseInsensitiveFlg in the Data source named subsystem. For thick clients it can be done setting CaseInsensitive parameter in cfg file.

But this is rarely activated as it severely hampers the application performance.

Now what if this parameter is set and we need to execute an insensitive query on BC using script?

For this we can use tilda operator and LIKE operator in the search expresion of the query ~ LIKE . Like operator along with tilda forces case insensitive query on the bc field even if the application level sensitivity is turned off!

This can also verfied by quering on the UI using this operator:

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