Siebel Message Property Set

The Next buzz word that we hear in Siebel EAI is Siebel Message or IO Hierarchy. It appears to be very similar to XML hierarchy, but it is not!

Siebel Message or IO Hierarchy is an instance of an Integration Object in form of property set. It is mostly used in EAI workflows, but it can also be very useful in scripting and business processes.

What is Integration Object? : It is an structure that defines the Siebel Data that is needed to be integrated with Other applications.

An IO defines Business Object whose data will be integrated, BC whose fields will be updated, and the fields that will be used.

What is Integration Object Instance? :
When an Integration Object is used to query siebel database it results in an property set that contains the data in the structure represented in the Integration Object.
This output property set is called Siebel Message.

How Siebel Message is different from a Property Set?
Siebel Message is actually a property set whose type is set to "SiebelMessage".Most common method to create a Siebel Message is by calling Query Method of EAI Siebel Adapter Service.
This service creates the properties with Name specified in the Integration Components Fields.

On the other hand XML Hierarchy contains property name from the Integration Component XML Tag.

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