Sending email from eScript

Sending email updates from Siebel is quite easy, we just have to call Outbound Communication Manager, an OOB Business Service to trigger emails.

We can call this service from any of the events available or just call this service from a Workflow.
Found this simple code on IT-toolbox :

var mailBS = TheApplication().GetService("Outbound Communications Manager"); 
var psInput = TheApplication().NewPropertySet(); 
var psOutput = TheApplication().NewPropertySet(); 

psInput.SetProperty("CommProfile", "Communication profile name"); 
psInput.SetProperty("MsgToList", "email ids to whom you want to send email"); 
psInput.SetProperty("MsgBody", "email content"); 
psInput.SetProperty("MsgSubject", "subject"); 
mailBS.InvokeMethod("SendMessage", psInput, psOutput); 

Coming up Next: Steps to configure Communication Profile.

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