Receiving messages from JMS server

In JMS Integration, External System and Siebel doesn't send messages directly to each other. First the messages are placed on queues of the JMS Server, receiver system queries these queues for new messages when required.

For such and implementation siebel provides out of the box receiver server components, that are needed to be configured according to our requirements.

This receiver component executes the ReceiveDispatch or ReceiveDispatchSend method of EAI JMS Transport business service to get new message from queue.

These methods queries the JMS Server and checks in the queue for any new messages. If any message is found, this component invokes a workflow specified, and passes the received XML as input argument.
The name of the workflow is specified in the Data handling subsystem which is of type EAITransportDataHandlingSubsys.

Queue information is stored in Receiver Connection Subsystem that includes the queue name and the credentials.
Wrap up:
Receicver component (Type Enterprise Application Integration Receiver) requires:
1. Receiver Method Name (ReceiveDispatch/ReceiveDispatchSend)
2. Receiver Service Name (EAI JMS Transport)
3. Receiver Connection Subsystem (Contains queue name and credentials)
4. Receiver Data Handling Subsyst (Contains reveive workflow name.)

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