Removing vanilla buttons from the Product Configurator UI

Remove vanilla buttons from the configurstor UI.

Solution doesn't involve any configuration in Siebel tools or compilation, it requires editing of the confgirator vanilla template files directly.

Buttons like Done , verify, reprice etc are displayed on confgurator UI as a part of  eCfgTopLevelButtonsJS.swt  template file. 

Buttons in this file are displayed inside the table cells and luckily there not much of css style attached on them.  

So to remove the buttons we can define a style property for each cell that we want to remove. style="display:none"

For Example to remove the Save button from the UI, you need to change the code from :

<td nowrap>
<swe:control id="swe:Cancel" CfgUIControl="Cancel" CfgHtmlType="MiniButton" InvokeMethod="PrevView"/>

<td nowrap style="display:none">
<swe:control id="swe:Save" CfgUIControl="Save" CfgHtmlType="MiniButton" InvokeMethod="SyncInstance"/>

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