How to use output of Business Service Simulator?

If you have ever developed business services and workflows you must have definitely gone to Business Service Simulator View, to test or simulate business services or workflows.

But have you ever wondered that can we use the output arguments of the simulation again as input to the next simulation?! Even i didn't really thought about this earlier, until in Acceptance test of our project i needed to reproduce the behavior of one my workflow in controlled manner.

At that time one of my colleague suggested me to use Move to Input in built functionality of the Siebel Business Service Simulator.

Lets see how it is done:

1. Go to Administration Business Service Screen and Simulate the first service.

In my case I first simulated EAI Siebel Adapter Service Query Method to generate Siebel message..

2. You will then see a record created in the grandchild Applet containing the output properties of the business service. Now if you want to use this output as input to another business service then there is one way to copy and paste value into the input or to use Move to Input button!!!

This button copies the output property set record to the input, and then these can be used to simulate another business service.see screenshot:

This is becomes very useful if our service is expecting derived inputs. By use of this we can simulate certain steps of workflow on the run.

Please let me know if it helps anyone. :)

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