Alternate use of List Of Values

Most common use of list of values comes in implementation of multilingual siebel applications. But its global presence all over the applications objects makes them extremely useful for writing switches in codes/workflows. I saw one great use in creating the stubs for the real time interfaces in Siebel EAI.

It usually happens in development phase of the application is that the external interfaces are not ready to test while siebel processes needs some inputs to test rest of the application. In such cases building separate dummy workflow temporarily doesn't look like a good solution.

Instead of creating separate workflow, we added another branch to the workflow along with the decision step which used to read XML message from the file instead of the interface.

This decision was taken depending upon the value of the STUB_LOV, if it is set to Y then XML from the file was read otherwise the real interface was called.

So whenever the interface was down or we need specific data only we just used to set this LOV to get the XML from file.

There can be lots more uses of LOV like this in Siebel, please feel free to share anything that comes up in your mind.

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