How to change default location of logs on Siebel Server !

Location of Siebel Server logs is set while installation of the server. And most of the time Administrator keeps it to the default location i.e.. sea77\siebsrvr\logs directory. But sometimes the installation location of siebel server is kept on very small and faster disk drives to improve performance, thus there is no or very less space is left on the drive for the extended log levels.

Specially for the EAI log files that can grow as fast as 1 gb per hour or more, it becomes very difficult to manage the log files, and debug the issue. And there is no direct way to changing this log directory path either.

There is only one hidden parameter logdir for every server is available that can contains the location of log directory, but this parameter not visible on the UI and nor on Advance object lists. The only way to change this parameter is through server manager command prompt.

Excerpt from support web:

Problem Description: The Siebel Server Log Directory parameter - LogDir is not visible anywhere.
Currently, the Server Log Dir can be set by using the following srvrmgr command:

srvrmgr> change param logdir= < new path > for server < server name >

However, the parameter "LOGDir" cannot be seen anywhere. After setting the param, the new server logs starts going into a new location, but there is no way to see this parameter in the Admin screen or through the server mgr. This happens despite having "ShowAdvancedObjects" parameter set to TRUE

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