Get Workflow Instance Id from the process property value!

Workflow Instance monitor is one of the best out of the box debugging techniques available in Siebel. But this also lacks in some aspects.

As most of developer would know that there is no way in instance monitor view to identify the workflow instance for specific object id or process property value.

We usually have to rely on the time and keep switching between the tabs to find the correct instance. And this becomes really cumbersome in production or acceptance environment, or when workflow executes very frequently.

Same problem we were facing, until we wrote this small sql. This sql queries the instance monitor table that stores all the workflow steps and returns the Workflow Instance Id's where ever it finds the field value in the input property set.

select EXEC_INST_VAL from siebel.S_WFA_INST_LOG 
where row_id in( 
select distinct INST_LOG_ID from siebel.S_WFA_INSTP_LOG where row_id in(
select step_log_id from siebel.S_WFA_STPRP_LOG where PROP_VAL ='PROPVALUE'))

You can substitute any process property value in place of PROPVALUE in above sql, and it will return all the workflow instance id where the property was found.


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