Get Attribute Value - Product Configurator

There is no method out of the box available in Siebel Product Configurator that can be used to get attribute value. For this one of my team member have written this code which traverses the product structure and return the attribute value as string.

I am sharing the code here, it helped us in solving lots of complex business requirements.

function GetAttr (AttribName)
  var ps = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();
  var ps2 = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

  ps2 = ps.GetChild(0).GetChild(0).GetChild(0).GetChild(0).GetChild(0).GetChild(0);

  var count = ps2.GetChildCount();
  for(var i = 0; i< count; i++)
             var curr_node = ps2.GetChild(i);
             var name = curr_node.GetProperty("Name");
             if (name == AttribName)
             {     var value = curr_node.GetProperty("Value");
                   curr_node = null;


Note: This code will return the attribute value of root product only, for other child products code needs to be modified accordingly.

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