Accessing Field in Siebel Browser Script

Accessing a field in browser script can a bit pain, for someone who is new to the browser scripting. There is no direct way to access the field in browser scripts that are not shown on the applet at run time.

This is because the browser script works on the DOM elements not the Siebel Objects. Siebel to support its syntax, publishes some of the objects and methods in the browser script.

There is a workaround to access field in the browser script:
1. Add a control in the applet with the required field.
2. Set the HTML Type of control to Hidden.
3. Add this control on the list applet as column or on the header (where buttons are placed) of the form applet.
4. Create usual script to GetFieldValue. Now you will be able to get the value inside the script.

There are also lots of restriction in the browser script as compared to Server Script, some of them being:
  • TheApplication() in eScript is converted to theApplication() in JavaScript.
  • We can not use theApplication().GetBusObject(), can only use theApplication().ActiveBusObject();
  • Cannot Get and Set Field values that are not shown on the UI.
  • Cannot use InvokeMethod("LookupValue") (this creates lots of troubles in developing multilingual prompts.)

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