Workflow Revision Failed : SBL-DAT-00393: An end of file error has occurred.

Recently I faced a strange bug in my Siebel Tools. Whenever i tried to revise an workflow, i was getting this error :

An end of file error has occurred. Please continue or ask your system administrator to check your application configuration if the problem persists. (SBL-DAT-00393).

And after i press Ok button, tools hangs and every time i have to restart the tools.

Even when i tried to connect directly to the database server the error was re-occurring. And this was happening with a specific workflow only. I was very much bugged up at that time.

I searched support web but still couldn't find any reason behind this in Siebel Tools.

Then one of colleague suggested me to delete excess versions of workflows in tools to get it done.
At first i thought it wouldn't help, but yes it worked!!

I must say, Siebel has got mind of his own! Thanks to Manuj, who helped me to get this thing done.

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