Adding Button on Applet – Part 2

In part one of this post I have discussed how we can enable a button on applet and call workflow or service from it using scripting.
But Siebel user properties provides us the way to achieve the same behaviour without scripting. There are two or more solutions to it.

Solution 1 : Using CanInvokeMethod User Property
1. Create control on applet with method invoke property set to required method name.
2. Create an applet user property “CanInvokeMethod to activate this button conditionally.
3. Add an “NamedMethod” User Property on BusComp or Applet to invoke Business Service or Workflow of your choice.

Solution 2 : Using EventMethodMethodName User Property
1. Create Control applet with method invoke property as : EventMethodMethodName. Where Method Name is your orignal method.
2. Add “EventMethod Enabled” user property on Buscomp to conditionally activate the button.
3. Create a runtime event on PreInvoke of the Buscomp to invoke service or workflow.

Both of these solutions are suitable for our basic requirement of adding buttons on Siebel Applets. 

Please note that these user properties works on CSSBCBase BusComp class and CSSFrameListBase applet class. These are not defualt classes when you create new objects.

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