Siebel: Adding Button on Applet - Part 1

This is one of the basic thing that we do in our siebel application. And every developer prefer his own way of configuring it.

From my past experience there are two basic requirement for custom buttons :
1. It should invoke a Workflow or Business Service.
2. It should become Active/Inactive  based on certain condition.

Based on these requirements first solution that come to our mind is with a script in Pre_CanInvoke of applet, but there are lot more options available in Siebel for this requirement.

First lets see how a scripting can solve this problem

Solution1: Scripting Applet and BC
1. Create Control in Form or List Applet, Set its method invoke to name of the method.
2. Place it on the web layout of applet.
3. Write following script on applet pre can invoke event:

4. Write the actual code to call service or workflow in Applet pre invoke or BusComp PreInvoke.

This trick work always irrespective of the application or interactivity of the application or the applet type.

But there are options available in Siebel that can be used to  achieve this functionality without use of scripting. We will examine other options in my next post!

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